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  • Charles David Alexander

Welcome to my first blog!

Welcome! I'm looking forward to sharing my painting experiences with you and hope to hear about yours as well. Let me know what you think, and feel free to ask me any questions.

One of the critical things that I have yet to fiqure out is the best way to photograph paintings. I bought a Canon 70D along with a book and a DVD, "Canon 70D Crash Course" by Michael Maven. Haven't gotten far into either of them but working on it when I can. I've tried several of the You Tube Videos, setting everything up outside on an overcast day, etc. but still having problems. Hopefully when I get more familiar with the camera, things will improve. For now I get a better picture using either my phone or iPad.

I've been trying to get as many miniatures (5x7) done as quickly as possible for the upcoming annual fund raiser sale at the PAPA Gallery in Paducah. The miniatures are donated by the artist to help with the cost of having a co-op gallery. Because of this, I have been trying different ideas and techniques as studies in painting the miniatures.

I just finished Bear in the Woods last week. It's 5x7 acrylic and I had the idea for a campfire deep in the woods. The bear roasting marshmallows was added after I had the campfire and logs - seemingly waiting for someone to come sit by the fire.

Bear in the Woods

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